Situation Update for January

We’re approaching the end of January, and we’re starting to have fires pop up. I want to detail some of the issues and obstacles we are now currently facing.


Cloudflare is not very happy with us. They have recently contacted us about our bandwidth usage and asked us to get an Enterprise plan. We use 350+ Terabytes of bandwidth per month for On top of using a huge amount of bandwidth,, Cloudflare is very peeved by how 40% of our traffic and bandwidth goes to Asia, specifically South Korea. Asian bandwidth traffic is expensive.

The Enterprise plan for us would cost us $7000, and I’m not sure we can get to keep South Korea on that plan still. So now we’re left with the options of:

  • Get a $7000 Cloudflare Enterprise plan and possibly drop South Korea
  • Get a $300 Cloudflare plan and drop South Korea
  • Get dropped from Cloudflare by force

I don’t know about you guys, but those are some crappy options. Why would we want to abandon 30-40% of our user base? That’s insane. We’re not entirely sure how to handle this. Making our own CDN setup would be difficult. I’d like to get a dedicated server instance for Japan + South Korea to munch on.

Our Main Server

Our main server’s host is forcing our dedicated server plan to increase by $82 starting February 1st. The new server monthly cost will now be $359, up from $277/mo. This couldn’t have come at a worst time. We’re really struggling to pull along on donations each month. We had to add the new storage server, which was $99/mo more, and now we’re paying almost that extra now by force.

If we can’t afford the main server for new month, we’ll be forced to shift everything onto the main storage server. Services like GitGud may slow down a lot.

Previous Storage Server

We have a Hetzner server that served as the secondary storage server before the new storage server, and now is mainly a backup server. We’ve been transferring all of Mixtape off it to the new server, and it’s been taking a long time. Between the terabytes of files being moved and the secondary Mixtape track bandwidth, the server went over the 20 Terabyte limit from Hetzner and is now throttled to 10Mbps. We don’t have any extra money to pay for extra TBs. Track 3 has already been migrated, but Track 4 is still in the middle of transferring, and now it’s going to take a very long time to finish. We’ve setup Track 5 on the new server to start sending files to. But this means Track 4 files will be served from this 10Mbps server for the foreseeable future. Large files may become a nightmare to load.

Mixtape 2.0 and Accounts

We’re almost finishing up on the Account system. Currently we’re working on tying the Mixtape rewrite with that and getting the frontend completed. When that’s all done and ready to go, I’ll write an extensive blog post on the new changes, the redesign, and how the accounts work. I’m really excited about this, I just hope we get the opportunity to make it there before we hit a major financial wall.


We want to provide the best quality service that we can. Hopefully next month, we won’t have to sacrifice that quality to stay alive.

If you’d like to Donate, visit:


Mike Sulsenti

Co-Founder of Sapphire and system administrator

  • Ott

    Can you put ads on the upload page? I’d gladly turn off my adblock for you.

    • Wouldn’t make enough to matter. It’ll only hurt the brand in the end.

  • Secret Pannkaka

    I agree, simple, harmless, and non-annoying ads I think most of people would be fine with.

  • lacinyC

    You should have money ahead of time and plan earlier than that. Having money for the next 3 months is mandatory to keep running the service, otherwise, shut down / migrate accordingly 3 months earlier. That way, if people feel compeled to donate money to save things, they can still do it in time to save the main servers.
    If you don’t have money to cover the next 3 months, shut down and call for donations. Should work out, don’t you think?

    • Your suggestion would kill us instantly and we wouldn’t exist.

      It sounds stupid but that’s the reality of the situation we’re in and the stage we’re at. Many online start ups don’t have 3 or more months of reserved capital unless they get VC funding. We don’t have any funding or personal capital to contribute.

  • kris


  • NaxNir

    What about offering an extended service to paying customers, so there is more incentive to donate?

    • Kind of like paid account tiers with additional features and increased limits? We’re already developing that and trying to launch that as soon as we can.

      • NaxNir

        Looking forward to it! That was a really quick response.

  • Sebastian Stanton

    Hi, i’m new here, I’ve been having a problem with, and i cant download any of the links that are based on that site, it starts with 15kb/s then simply stops at 1meg and fails. Do these issue’s correlate with each other?, or am i the only one experiencing this difficulty?

    • Are the links you’re trying to download from start with a

      Track4 is having bandwidth restrictions

      • Sebastian Stanton

        ah, that’s it, was wondering for a long while now, glad to have clarity on it at least
        hmm, i guess the bandwidth problem there is not present on a site such as, since they only support up to 15 secs, or at least that’s what I’ve heard. so in order to keep up with the bandwidth usage you guys would need quiet the sponsorship o.o

        • Yes! we have a lot of bandwidth needs and don’t plan to limit bandwidth at the moment, only file size. But no promises on that, we may need to change that idea to survive. Bandwidth is a major need for us.

    • Hey, just to let you know, track4 should be back up to speed, try to download them again.

  • Boukie

    Range ban countries in asia or just the worst offender countries.


    • Or we could try to figure out how to handle 40% of our userbase ???

      • Boukie

        Use targetted ads that only show on certain countries. Gooks are used to seeing 50 billion ads on the sites they go to so you can put Korean MMO ads everywhere Gooks love MMOs.

        • You can’t put ads on raw files

          • Boukie

            Make a script that checks the IP range and redirects to a page with ads and the download link if the IP range matches.

          • Boukie

            And seriously do it. Koreans aren’t going to care and their standards are much lower. Most of them don’t even speak English. You can make it so the site is funded by asians and it works like it does now for everybody else.

  • That Gentleman over there

    Maybe add a banner ad on the bottom? I certainly wouldn’t mind and it would generate a tiny bit of additional revenue

  • Mokou

    Maybe you could offset at least some of bandwidth used with this?

  • Alex R.

    Lads, that’s a great transparency going on in here.. fair play to ya all

  • Anonymous

    Private Internet Access loves to sponsor tech stuff, so they might be interested in helping you out. You could probably make some fancy hyperlinked embed of their logo instead of a fugly banner that people would get eye cancer from. Most people would probably be fine with that and it wouldn’t make the site look or load worse.

  • Anonymous

    What about Amazon S3, would that be a more economical solution?

    • onekopaka

      lol, no that would be way worse, the transfer alone is like $26k.. AWS is one of the most expensive things around.

  • John Cave

    Why not spin up a heap of Scaleway instances with their unlimited 200mbps pipes and use them as caches in front of the storage server? People can wait 70 more milliseconds for their content and I’ve pushed 70+ TB per month through boxes from before without any issue.