Changelog – Tavrn – 4-27-2018

It’s been just a week since the initial launch of Tavrn Tap and we’ve been really busy testing, fixing, and working on improvements for Tap.


New Features

  • The Guild Directory
  • Started work on Desktop Notifications
  • Mute a user
  • Broadcast message to Tavrn


  • New Composer Design
  • Guild channel user list adjustment
  • Servers are now called guilds
  • Likes are now called Cheers
  • Tavrn replies now show who and what you’re replying to
  • Load more button

Bug Fixes

  • Tavrn posts with reposts and cheers no longer look like you already reposted/cheered them (they were lighting up prematurely)
  • Clicking on cheer no longer reposts the post (as well as also not cheering the post)
  • You can actually remove the playing/listening to status now
  • Leaving a guild should work now
  • Joining a guild shouldn’t delete your Guild and Views navbar anymore
  • Backend fixes and scaling improvements. Tap should load faster now too as a result
  • Addressed a bug that would cause Tap not to load at all
  • Links to posts and in posts now open to a new tab


Other Tidbits

We added a Follow button to Tavrn posts for quick following of users


For more information on these changes as well as visual examples, read on ahead